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Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
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Ring Sizing

Ring size – getting it right
At JQS, we like to make sure that your online shopping experience is as easy as possible.

Downloadable ring size chart

To help you find your ring size, we supply a downloadable ring size chart. Simple and easy to use, this will help you to shop with confidence, knowing that you are looking for the right size ring. All you have to do is download our ring size chart and follow the simple printing instructions.

The most accurate way to find your ring size is to have your finger measured in store; they will quickly ascertain your ring size for you. If you are purchasing for a friend or a loved one, try to borrow one of their rings, preferably one with a similar width and style, and take it along with you to be measured.

Simply print out our PDF file below to view the ring sizes to scale. Then place the ring that already fits you over the circle, making sure the inside of the ring lines up with the outside of the circle.

  1. Print out at 100% - make sure you do not select the ‘scale to fit page’ or ‘shrink to fit page’ option.
  1. Check print size- the line below should measure 5cm.
  1. Place the ring over the circles opposite.
  1. Find the circle which completely fills the inside of the ring without overlapping.
  1. Your ring size is the letter shown within the circle.

This ring size sheet is a guide, and not as accurate as having your finger size checked by your local jeweller.

What ring sizes do we stock?

Most of our rings for ladies are available in sizes J to Q. Whilst we keep a large stock of all our rings, we cannot stock every size, so please allow additional time for your order if the size you require is not in stock. Once we receive your order, we will advise you within 24hrs if your size is currently in stock. If we do not have your size in stock we will let you know when it will be available.

If you require a ring size outside of this range, contact us and we will order one especially for you. Your ring may take several weeks to arrive. If you want your ring more urgently, it may be possible to have the ring you have chosen resized at an additional cost.

Please note, however, that some rings cannot be resized because of their style. A member of staff will advise you a particular ring can be resized. Please note that we cannot accept returns for rings which are resized or made to order.