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Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
Jewellery Quarter Store Delivery
The National Association of Jewellers

Safe Shopping Guarantee

The purchase area of our site is secure. This means that any information you send us is protected by encryption. It's easy to tell when you are protected by encryption -- the lock or key at the bottom of your browser changes colour or is no longer broken. This varies depending on your browser.

Shopping with us is safe.

Our store is secure so you can be safe in knowing your order and payment details are also secure.

Here are ten tips to help you avoid being the victim of online fraud on any web store.

1. Look for security. When you place a firm order, the website should switch to a secure section (secure server) - look for the unbroken lock or key in the browser's screen, and the internet address should change from "http:" to "https:". Never pay online without this basic security.

2. Deal only with businesses you can trust. Make sure you know where it is physically located, so that you have an idea of what laws it will be governed by. i.e. UK, US etc

3. Keep records. Print out or save order verification screens and order confirmation emails/numbers so that - just like a till receipt - you have some hard copy proof of your order.


4. Check return policies, delivery details and privacy statements. These should all be available on any reputable retailer's website. They should tell you what happens if your goods are damaged or faulty, how soon they should arrive, and what happens to your personal information.

5. Choose carefully who and where you buy from. Beware of buying from unsolicited emails, newsgroup postings, chat rooms or online auctions. If anything goes wrong, redress could be difficult. And, whatever you do, don't give away your credit card details except on an SSL secure link

6. If in doubt about an order, Ask. Legitimate companies will always publish telephone and fax numbers prominently as well as email addresses. A legitimate company will always be happy to help and will probably have a fully-staffed After Sales department to help with customerís queries and problems. In non-legitimate companies, staff will be much harder to contact.